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Treatment furnaces Aluminum Die Casting:

   Key Features

Double oven  

Input two-stage furnace, fueled by methane gas

Quenching tank

Transportation and ancillary workstations

Powered by finishing second furnace, hot smoke and post combustor

Temperature Control Thermal Control via PID logic implemented on Siemens S7-400 


The application presented a discrete complexity for the different combinations of operating modes. First it was necessary to implement a data structure that represented the inserted material, with the characteristics of the treatment to be made. The thermal regulation have presented many complexities, since many factors which necessarily work in agreement. Starting from the oven main input we find a first zone of pre-heating, with burners and heat recovery, the second section of the furnace is represented by several areas in which the material undergoes heat treatment at the end of oven 1 is tub hardening, with controlled temperature. Subsequently a carrier picks up the material and place him oven 2 or an intermediate zone where it can be further processed. The furnace 2 has the interesting feature to be powered by the smoke of oven 1 and an after-burner. The result is treated fairly complex obtained by optimizing the total consumption.

Being a more complex set of factors, including the automatic lubrication, cooling water of some mechanical parts, the burner management, management of air entering the combustion, the management of post combustion chamber, the management of hot air at the valley the post combustion chamber. On this occasion I have implemented a comprehensive diagnosis, including the normal alarmist, and in addition a number of alarms to monitor the efficiency of all the moving parts and phases of treatment. Obtaining an application with a fairly intuitive for maintenance and repair. I also implemented a check for preventive maintenance in order to prevent breakage caused by wear.

A good study of data structures, has allowed the development of efficient management of treatment, accompanying the material treated with a considerable amount of data collected during processing.

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