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Furnace for processing aluminum laminate:

Key Features

Gas oven  Heating material by methane gas.

Temperature Control Thermal control through logic Fuzzy implemented on the control board Siemens S7-300 FM355


The application itself did not present difficulties for various sequences, the interesting feature, is to be used as a control algorithm logic Fuzzy, achieved excellent results, with a maximum deviation of +4 -4 degrees to a temperature above 500 degrees. This allows to obtain better control over the material covered, and therefore an excellent gauge treatment void. This implements a sequence of microwave heating that provides for the management of air flow, and a heating curve. A different rule applies to different stages of treatment, which include heating, treatment and aging or stabilization.

Being a more complex set of factors, including the automatic lubrication, cooling water of some mechanical parts, the burner management, management of air entering the combustion. On this occasion I have implemented a comprehensive diagnosis, including the normal alarmist, and in addition a number of alarms to monitor the efficiency of all the moving parts and phases of treatment. Obtaining an application with a fairly intuitive for maintenance and repair. I also implemented a check for preventive maintenance in order to prevent breakage caused by wear.


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